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The middle market: anchoring Australian M&A

The middle market: anchoring Australian M&A

Attention is turning to mid-market M&A as changing market conditions create a fertile environment for these smaller players to grow.


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The mid-market is growing in significance in Australia. Representing 83 percent of transaction in 2015, up from the 5-year average of 77 percent. The strong pipeline beginning to emerge is driven by companies looking to make bolt-on acquisitions in a low cost deal environment and banks that are quite willing to lend across sensible transactions.

This article, The middle market: anchoring Australian M&A, explores the broader range of drivers at play that make it likely mid-market M&A will continue to grow in prominence, but there are also some areas to ‘watch out’ for ahead. It covers:

  • macro issues driving interest from Asian investors and activity in the healthcare, construction and real estate markets
  • the impact that traditional businesses moving into newer digital offerings have on M&A
  • key short term factors that could impact deal flow.

Against this ever-shifting backdrop, knowledge is the most important asset. Due diligence, understanding the dynamics that can tilt the value of a deal and making sure your valuations are right are critical.


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