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CeBIT 2016 insights: Creating a sustainable framework for IoT

CeBIT 2016 insights: Sustainable IoT framework

As part of CeBIT, KPMG hosted a panel session 'Creating a sustainable framework for IoT'. This short video and discussion summary provide an overview of the discussion and key themes that emerged.


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Chris McLaren, former National Sector Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, KPMG Australia, was joined by specialists representing CISCO, The Yield, UTS and UNSW. The panel discussed Australia’s strategies for competing in the current technology race and for turning Australia into a successful knowledge economy.

Key insights

  • The key themes that emerged from the panel session were clear: collaboration, prioritisation and talent.
  • The OECD projects that IoT will contribute around $11 trillion to the global economy by 2025 that represents about $120-130 billion for Australia.
  • Startups, multinationals and government need to work together to create the new IoT technologies that will position Australia as an IoT leader.

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