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CeBIT 2016 insights: Platform based businesses are reinventing Financial Services

CeBIT 2016 insights: Financial Services reinvented

As part of CeBIT, KPMG hosted a panel session on how platform based business models are reinventing the Financial Services industry. This short video and discussion summary provide an overview of the discussion and key themes that emerged.


National Sector Leader, Banking and Global Co-leader, KPMG Fintech practice

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At CeBIT 2016, financial services digital and innovation experts came together to discuss how platform-based business models are re-inventing the financial services industry, and what changes need to be made within organisations to harness platform-based opportunities.

Ian Pollari, Head of Banking, KPMG Australia and Global Co-Lead of Fintech, hosted a panel session that included representation from Suncorp, Reinventure Group, the Commonwealth Bank and Prospa.

Key insights

  • Platforms are reshaping business and the focus of organisational strategy in the future will require a number of key transitions including from product to platforms.
  • To maintain competitiveness in a platform-rich market, businesses will need to adopt a culture of internal disruption, reinventing themselves at both a granular and strategic level.
  • Rather than in-source or purely outsource platform capability, the solution to create rapid, dynamic, customer-centric change will also be in establishing Fintech partnerships.

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