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CeBIT 2016 insights: Cyber security is more than just IT

CeBIT 2016 insights: Cyber security – more than IT

Stan Gallo, Partner, KPMG Forensic, shared his views on Cyber security and why Cyber needs to be firmly on the Board’s agenda.


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Ensuring that an organisation is protected against cyber attack requires more than just firewalls and passwords. Putting the right strategy in place and a risk focused cultural mindset are also essential components. As part of the Cyber conference at CeBIT 2016, Stan Gallo of KPMG Forensic gave a keynote address on how organisations can protect themselves against cyber attack.

Key insights

  • Organisations need to understand the breadth of information they hold and how it could be powerful in the wrong hands.
  • While many organisations focus on technical controls, they can fail to focus on the humanistic and cultural aspect of cyber security – particularly the role their own staff play.

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