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The solution for managing your ongoing Jobs Action Plan claims

Managing your Jobs Action Plan claims

David Sofrà, People Advisory Partner, explains how we can help you get the most out of NSW's Jobs Action Plan Rebate Scheme.


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With the significant cash incentives being offered under the NSW Jobs Action Plan (JAP) and the extension of the scheme through to 30 June 2019, KPMG has developed the Jobs Action Plan Rebate Scheme (JAPRS) Calculator to assist organisations with managing their ongoing claims until 2021 via the automated solution. 

Since we launched the JAPRS Calculator in February 2016, a growing number of Australian companies are using it. The Calculator meets all requirements to comply with JAPRS, and provides a simple automated solution for calculating complex requirements such as full time equivalent (FTE) headcount, maintaining casual aggregate hours, and determination of rebate eligibility. The methodology has been approved by the NSW Office of State Revenue.

Other benefits of using the Calculator include:

  • fully automated data collation 
  • significant time savings in completing registrations and claims 
  • organisations can efficiently monitor headcount, casual hours, and changes in employment type 
  • assists organisations to fully utilise entitlements under the Jobs Action Plan 
  • reduces the risk of errors, provides an adequate audit trail and meets necessary substantiation requirements. 

The JAPRS Calculator can be licensed for a one off licence fee which also allows users to access the following support services:

  • on-site training session outlining the end-to-end claims and registrations process
  • practical guidance on the use of the JAPRS Calculator
  • tax advisory assistance on the requirements of the JAPRS scheme
  • update of the JAPRS Calculator for any changes to the scheme
  • review of finalised claims
  • technical support to enable effective use of the tool.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, please contact KPMG.

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