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Are you managing your ICT R&D tax incentives appropriately?

Are you managing ICT R&D tax incentives appropriately?

Anders Landberg and Marcus Lau show how you can optimise your access to support for your organisation’s ICT technology development and advancement.


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It is nearly impossible to make it through 24 hours without a reliance on technology; from our mobile devices, to the humble toaster, or almost all modes of transport that move us to and from our workplace each day.

Today, the pace of innovation and adoption in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, as well as technology as an enabler across more traditional sectors, continues to grow at an exponential rate.

With the increased vertical and horizontal growth of the ICT industry, knowledge and how to leverage research and development (R&D) technology trends becomes increasingly important to organisations of all sizes in all industries.

As a technology ‘think tank’ within KPMG’s dedicated ICT R&D Incentives team, the R&D Incentives ICT Centre of Excellence (CoE) group is ideally placed to bring strategic insights to our clients and to manage and deliver this through a common platform. Our depth of knowledge is unsurpassed in capability to identify and exploit R&D Tax opportunities for clients within a rapidly growing and moving ICT sector.

Given the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, and particularly our organisations, are you involved and informed with respect to your organisation’s ICT R&D strategy, from both a planning and R&D Tax Incentives compliance perspective? Next time you hear or read about how technology is underpinning and changing your business, it may well be the right time to kick-start your R&D planning and review process.

Innovation in the ICT industry, and the overlay to R&D Incentives, can be a complex interaction to navigate. KPMG’s ICT CoE team is on call to discuss the ongoing planning and execution of your ICT R&D strategy.

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