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Employee share scheme reporting changes

Employee share scheme reporting changes

Dan Hodgson and Andy Hutt explain how ESS reporting obligations have changed for FY16, and how you can ensure you comply with the new requirements.


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For many, the start to 2016 has been full of change, with regulators becoming particularly active on a variety of fronts.

With the tax year end fast approaching, the ATO has added to the to-do list in relation to a company’s annual employee share scheme (ESS) reporting obligations. Employers must take action over the next two months to ensure that they can comply with these ESS reporting changes.

For FY16, the ATO has changed the way employers are required to lodge ESS information. The ATO’s objective is to be able to further automate its processes of reviewing the ESS disclosures that taxpayers make in their returns. Although an ATO online tool is being developed, it will not be available for any employer that is required to provide reports to more than 50 employees.

In addition, and in line with the general trend towards greater transparency in relation to cross-border taxation, additional reporting requirements are likely to apply to internationally mobile ESS participants.

In response to these changes, KPMG has developed an ESS reporting tool, that is compliant with the new ATO reporting specifications, and enables employers to automate reporting for both domestic and internationally mobile employees.

If you would like to understand more about how KPMG can support you with your ESS reporting, please contact us or refer to our additional information.

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