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KPMG promoting women in tax leadership roles

KPMG promoting women in tax leadership roles

Tax law can be dynamic, complex and uncertain. With each development in the tax environment, taxpayers face a number of challenges to their business – both from a tax technical perspective, but also from a growth perspective. In relation to the latter, one of the key issues is the retention of women and their promotion to leadership roles.


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Last week, KPMG Law hosted Gary Wingrove, CEO of KPMG Australia, together with twenty of Melbourne’s female heads of tax and tax managers at a Women in Tax Luncheon.

Hosted by Angela Wood, Sarah Dunn, Sarah Blakelock, Angelina Lagana and Alex Patrick of the KPMG Law team, the Women in Tax luncheon is held on a quarterly basis and provides women in tax roles with the opportunity to meet each other at a roundtable luncheon, engage in informal networking with peers and discuss current issues and topics of interest.

During the lunch, Gary spoke about his work with both KPMG and the Male Champions of Change (MCC) and what he, through both of these roles, is doing to foster a more diverse workforce at senior levels of corporate organisations and government departments. This includes developing, piloting and implementing programs and policies that encourage flexibility, equality and diversity, as well as programs that provide women with the opportunity to be sponsored (as distinct from coached or mentored) as they work towards leadership roles.

Gary provided an honest assessment of how the market, and KPMG, is faring in its bid to retain and promote more female talent, as well as an insight into the programs that KPMG is currently piloting itself.

With Gary offering a perspective from both inside and outside KPMG, our clients appreciated the opportunity to hear from Gary in an environment which provided for frank and open discussion about the progress that is being made (and the challenges that are being overcome) to ensure that there is greater equality in leadership roles in the future.

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