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Role of capital and labour in driving Australian economic growth

Capital and labour in Australia’s economic growth

Productivity growth is stagnating in advanced countries, so KPMG turned its attention to Australia to see where it stands in comparison. This report from KPMG Economics explores the findings, with deep insight into what can be done for a more productive future.


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While productivity can be hard to measure, capital and labour are key indications of a nation’s output. In a study of these factors by KPMG, the conclusions for Australia were not encouraging.

However, adjustments to key areas including investment in infrastructure, regulatory reform, competition policy, dissemination of new technologies, insolvency law reform, university funding and tax reform, can help industry and Government unlock productivity.

This KPMG Economics report, The role of capital and labour in driving economic growth in Australia, explores:

  • Australia’s productivity status
  • the role of capital and labour in explaining productivity
  • the impact of productivity growth on economic output
  • what governments should do to foster productivity, and more.

Australia’s productivity

KPMG’s experts detail Australia’s productivity status and where attention needs to be directed to improve it.

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