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Laying down their arms – The Great Australian Workplace Challenge

The Great Australian Workplace Challenge

There is a distinct relationship between Australia’s productivity issues and its workplace relations environment, with a noticeable disconnect compared to other advanced nations. In this report, KPMG explores what needs to be done.


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Many factors influence a nation’s productivity, but in Australia aggressive workplace relations are having a bigger impact than they do in other nations. Productivity can thrive better in a set up where workplace management, leadership capabilities, and investment in the right skills and training is key.

This report, Laying down their arms – the Great Australian Workplace Relations Challenge, looks at:

  • how aggressive workplace relations can stifle productivity
  • the inconsistency of legislation
  • why a high performance culture with skills, knowledge and motivation is key
  • why the German SME model is a useful guide
  • how to make restructuring a positive experience, and more.  

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