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Infrastructure – The Path to Progress

Infrastructure – The Path to Progress

Infrastructure is crucial to creating a more productive future for Australia, but improvements won’t happen without sound strategy from government and industry. In this report, Paul Foxlee, KPMG Australia National Head of Transport and Infrastructure, and Stan Stavros, KPMG Australia National Head of Infrastructure and Projects Group, discuss the road ahead.


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Infrastructure is one of the key enablers of productivity, with projects bringing together communications, utilities and the social ecosystem. A thriving infrastructure environment also attracts international investment – vital for Australia to enjoy a prosperous standard of living in the years ahead.

However, infrastructure needs a more holistic solution, to drive efficiency through its lifestyle.

This paper, Infrastructure – The Path to Progress, looks at:

  • the importance of infrastructure in relation to productivity
  • a suggested path for a better infrastructure framework, with government and industry input
  • the importance of prioritising infrastructure investment decisions
  • why technology is key to infrastructure success, and more.

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