Celebrate your ICT innovation with an iAward

Celebrate your ICT innovation with an iAward

Gareth Newport encourages applications for the iAwards, recognising ICT innovation in Australia.


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If you are or have been involved with the information and communications technology (ICT) industry it is likely you have heard of the iAwards, a national awards program, proudly sponsored by KPMG, that has been recognising Australian ICT innovation for over two decades.

With innovation, science and technology driving the national agenda, 2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for entrants and winners of a coveted iAward. There is more exposure, prizes and innovation support on offer than ever before.

KPMG is a key iAward sponsor and, as an individual passionate about Australian ICT innovation and a judge familiar with the iAward criteria, I would like to share some personal insights about when, why and how to apply.


  • I have found that the best time is when your company, product or service is at the early commercialisation stage.


  • The iAwards is more than the potential to win a trophy. The nomination process will really refine your elevator pitch. It has been designed around what makes ICT innovation commercially successful.
  • The iAwards team support entrants with plenty of events, workshops and information. Previous participants have told me that there is huge value to be gained just pitching and presenting their company and ideas to peers at networking and collaboration events leading up to the iAwards.


  • A step-by-step guide can be found on the iAwards website. My tip is to dig out your current R&D Tax Incentive application form, and business/commercialisation plans, as these will likely contain useful points for your nomination.

There is plenty more information on the iAwards website, and the team is on hand to support you with the nomination process.

So, if you are proud of your ICT, why not nominate?

Good luck and keep on innovating!


Guide and Contacts | iAwards website | https://www.iawards.com.au

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