Turning GST data into value for your business

Turning GST data into value for your business

Dealing with your GST obligations can be complex and time-consuming. It can be one of the biggest administrative burdens on business. Even the smallest error can cost you, and minor improvements can make a big difference. KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance service is specifically designed to help you achieve cost-efficiencies and gain better process control and visibility.


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Dealing with GST can be quite the complex task – it’s time consuming and can be risky. With the changing landscape it’s hard to keep up.

From our experience many CFOs share the same problem, asking themselves – have I got this 100 percent right? Even an error of just 1 percent can cost your business millions.

Dealing with GST can be one of the biggest administrative burdens on business. You might be on top of one thing, but you start to think:

  • Am I paying too much GST?
  • Are my transactions accurately recorded?
  • Have I factored in the resources I’ll need?
  • Am I up-to-date with legislation?
  • How can I meet all the requirements in the countries we operate in?

Ultimately the question is: How can I do this better?

Letting KPMG can manage your indirect tax compliance, can reduce costs, minimise risk and give comfort. And our approach using advanced analytics can help you unlock transaction data to add value to your business by zeroing in on unrealised opportunities.

By mining transaction data, you’ll gain deeper insights into your business. You could uncover unexpected advantages – from optimising supply chain, gaining competitive advantage, to improving customer relationships.

Turn transaction data into value for your business.

Indirect Tax Compliance

Indirect Tax Compliance

KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance Centre of Excellence helps businesses stay tax compliant locally and internationally.

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