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Australian Corporate Finance Outlook 2015

Australian Corporate Finance Outlook 2015

After a very strong showing in 2014, Australian corporates are continuing to demonstrate their appetite for deals in 2015, albeit at reduced levels. The evidence? Ongoing positive momentum in both debt and equity capital markets that look on track to continue to support healthy growth, at least in the immediate term.


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David Heathcote, KPMG’s Head of Deal Advisory, believes the pipeline at least for the rest of the year is solid, although hesitates that there is increasing signs of volatility.

"Global macroeconomic events that directly or indirectly impact Australia need to be watched carefully. In the current environment where resource and commodity prices are depressed and extremely volatile, the rest of the Australian economy is now potentially more exposed."

Key insights

  • Issuance by Australian corporate borrowers in the local bond market is already at US$4.4 billion for the half year to June 2015 – well on target to match the US$8.7 billion issued over 2014.
  • In 2014 the green bond market emerged in Australia, with A$870 million equivalent issued over the course of the year following World Bank’s debut $300 million green Kangaroo bond. By April 2015, A$806 million equivalent had already been issued into this burgeoning market.
  • The Australian M&A market is continuing to show resilience following a 3-year period of heightened market activity.

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