ATO's tax transparency measures: Are we tax ready?

ATO's tax transparency measures: Are we tax ready?

The changing tax regulatory framework and growing public and media scrutiny of taxpayer affairs have transformed the approach organisations are taking to manage tax. Tax has moved up the Board agenda.

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The ATO’s Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide, released in July 2015 provides guidance to large organisations on the better practices to expect around good tax management.

TIGER, our tax READY and self-assessment tool enables you to:

  • assess the effectiveness, efficiency and maturity of your tax function
  • benchmark your company against leading practice and peers
  • produce a gap analysis to the ATO Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide.

A follow-up READY workshop with your key stakeholders helps to:

  • identify significant tax risks and opportunity realisation
  • deal with the implications transparency
  • formulate a detailed prioritised action plan to get tax READY.

Tax Management Consulting

Tax Management Consulting

KPMG’s Tax Management Consulting team offers insights into the current tax environment and how to implement good tax management.

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