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Migration Newsflash: Regulations bring clarity to 457 visa program

Migration: Regulations bring clarity to 457 program

The Australian government has introduced new immigration regulations to clarify parts of the 457 program, and to introduce greater transparency to work agreements. The changes are a response to the recent negotiations around the implementation of ‘ChAFTA,’ the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.


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In summary, the changes provide:

  • subclass 457 visa holders must obtain mandatory licencing or registration within strict time limits, and must notify if their registration or licencing ceases 
  • terms and conditions of employment of subclass 457 visa holders employed by a business are to be equal to those in any enterprise agreement for that workplace 
  • the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to publish policy guidelines on work agreements and project agreements on the Departmental website.
The changes took effect from 1 December 2015.

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