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Australian Pricing Survey 2015

Australian Pricing Survey 2015

Most organisations look to optimise cost as a means of driving margin improvement. However, an effective pricing strategy can create competitive advantage and deliver top line revenue growth to your organisation.


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Australian Pricing Survey 2015

KPMG's inaugural Australian Pricing Survey 2015 is a-first-of-its-kind study into pricing effectiveness and margin performance in the Australian market.

Our survey reveals that most companies recognise the importance of pricing and most believe they have a good plan to do it well. However, the reality of pricing practices in the market does not match rhetoric. The good news is that Australian businesses are recognising this and are moving towards a value-oriented approach where they can optimise margins through aligning price to value.

Key insights

  • Evaluate where and how your company's products and services create value for customers compared to your competitors.
  • Once your company can demonstrate value creation, develop a pricing strategy to extract value across the product lifecycle.
  • Invest in a strong pricing infrastructure that is supported by your company’s board and management.

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