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Public sector service delivery: Value for money

Public sector service delivery: Value for money

Queensland's Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) provides strategic, corporate and some operational services to police and emergency services.


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KPMG supported PSBA in ensuring that the critical services it delivers represent value for money, based on a framework that would support collaboration with its partners as well as the adoption of a 'business like' approach.

This approach is characterised by:

  • collecting, managing and publishing data
  • making evidence based decisions
  • driving performance improvement.

Kelvin Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Public Safety Business Agency said:

"PSBA's key challenges include increasing customer expectations and rising demand for services. In an environment where resources are limited, it is crucial we deliver value for money services to our partners and customers. But more than this, we must be able to do so with transparency and accountability. Understanding our services, costs, customers, and performance, including improvement opportunities, is critical. This project was instrumental in helping the PSBA achieve these outcomes."

Justice & Security

Justice & Security

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