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Inside the mobile revolution

Inside the mobile revolution

Over the last two years, mobile has emerged as one of the most powerful channels in the business landscape. After a decade of discussion about the 'potential' of this channel, a massive and wholesale change in the consumer market has altered expectations of how businesses deliver their products and services – but it has also had an interesting impact on how businesses communicate on the power of content versus the power of distribution to their customers.


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This report provides a summary of a KPMG hosted panel discussion at the 2015 CeBIT Conference on mobile engagement.

Key insights

  • New revenue streams are opening up and new sources of competitive advantage are emerging. The key issue is how to best harness mobile, how to invest in the right way and how to manage any associated risks.
  • The inextricable link between people and innovation sits at the very heart of the mobile revolution – because mobile completely changes the relationship with the customer.
  • The advent of mobile throws up the vexed issue of how much to invest in mobile versus other key areas.

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