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Cyber security and digital identity management

Cyber security and digital identity management

As a society, our reliance on online services continues to grow, as do consumers’ service expectations. With much of the ability to deliver a quality service experience depending on personal information, it’s become critical for organisations to consider the balance between service experience and privacy, the difference between a credential and an identity, and the trust that is placed in digital identities.


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On 5 May 2015 at the annual CeBIT Conference, a panel of three technology and digital identity management experts sat down to discuss cyber security and how identity management is being used to enable digitally led customer growth strategies.

Consumer identity is about being able to transact or seek information, using your identity as a credential and establishing an online relationship with a service provider or business. Balancing privacy with a good consumer experience can be challenging, the key is that it needs to be a choice.

Key insights

  • Moving towards a federated identity management model would allow identity providers to supply trusted identities to businesses using a common set of protocols and practices.
  • In order to make effective use of digital identity, organisations need to understand the potential for it to be used in improving the consumer experience.

Cyber security

Cyber security

The right approach to cyber security enables an organisation to embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities.

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