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Cloud: how it's changing service delivery

Cloud: how it's changing service delivery

Cloud is a disruptor, but it’s also a continuum. It’s breaking down traditional business models and it needs to be funded differently.


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Cloud was a major theme at the 2015 CeBIT event, with KPMG hosting a compelling panel on how cloud is changing the corporate and government landscapes with respect to provision of services, and how funding paradigms need to shift in response.

Key insights

  • The key challenge for organisations is how they respond to the challenge of the pace of change that cloud has introduced. It’s not simply an IT issue – it’s a whole of business enablement issue.
  • Cloud offers the ability to take internal data and services and externalise and monetise them, which represents a breaking down of traditional business models.
  • While organisations are responding differently to cloud culture, gaining traction with customers hasn’t been problematic.

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