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Migration Newsflash: Subclass 457 Visa Integrity Review – government response

Migration Newsflash: Subclass 457 Visa Integrity Review

Most business sponsors will welcome the government response to the Independent Review of the Integrity of the 457 programme, released March 18 2015, which supported most review recommendations.


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Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Senator Michaelia Cash identified a number of measures which will streamline requirements, while targeting employers who misuse the program.

Current sponsors will generally appreciate government support for measures including extension of sponsorship validity to five years, a simplified process for renewal, and a revamped accredited sponsorship scheme. However the government will not support all recommendations.

Businesses will welcome changes which reduce administrative burdens but increased monitoring, including data matching, means businesses must ensure they have robust processes and technology to manage their obligations, and ensure that immigration and tax functions are not operating in isolation.


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