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How Australian businesses create value from sustainability

Create value from sustainability

Global demographic and environmental changes are redefining the ways in which we do business in an increasingly complex world.


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Some parts of global megaforces are recognised by the majority of the ASX50 companies in their primary disclosures to the market. However, the complexity of the social and environmental challenges that ASX50 companies will face in the next 20 years, or how these link to strategy and create value for the company, is not well articulated.

Key insights

  • On average eight out of the 10 megaforces were identified in the disclosures of the ASX50, demonstrating that companies are embracing a range of sustainability issues.
  • Eight of the 50 companies publically identified with all 10 megaforces, while one company identified with just three megaforces.
  • Climate Change, Energy & Fuel, and Population Growth were the only three megaforces with which all ASX50 companies identified.

About the report

This is the Executive Summary of a joint report from project partners KPMG Australia, CPA Australia and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Focal Point Australia.

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