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China’s largest global wind energy operator builds NSW wind farm

China’s wind energy operator builds NSW wind farm

Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd (Goldwind) set up their office in Sydney in 2009 and entered the Australian renewable energy market with the initial Mortons Lane Wind Farm project in Victoria (VIC) and the much larger Gullen Range project in New South Wales (NSW).


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From 2014, the Gullen Range Wind Farm near Goulburn, with its 73 state-of-the-art wind turbines, will supply electricity for 63,000 households and help achieve the NSW State Plan’s target that 20 percent of electricity consumed in NSW will be from renewable sources by 2020.

Government support for renewable energy was key to Goldwind’s decision to enter the Australian market as a long-term market participant.

Key highlights

  • While China’s investments in Australia have been concentrated in the natural resources sector, the future will be different.
  • Agricultural and non-resource investments will grow, reflecting China’s push to expand its domestic market and boost home-grown consumption.
  • Business and government support in NSW.
  • The challenges.

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