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The Growing Tide: China outbound direct investment in Australia

Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: Nov 2011

Australia has been the biggest single destination for Chinese outward foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide over the past 6 years with investments totalling more than US$38.4 billion. While China's investment in Australia have been concentrated in the natural resources sector, the future will be different. Sectors that could increase their potential for greater Chinese FDI inflows include agriculture, financial services and infrastructure.


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This report, written in collaboration with the University of Sydney China Studies Centre, charts the significance of China's growing outbound direct investment and examines opportunities for Australian businesses to help meet Chinese demand.

Key insights

  • Incentives for Chinese firms to invest in Australia and other countries are changing and the desire of Chinese enterprises to head abroad is intensifying.
  • The expected flood of Chinese capital seeking investment opportunities requires a strategic response from Australian businesses in order to realise the opportunities and maximise the benefits.
  • To promote business interaction we need to define a powerful, consistent and persistent marketing and confidence building role for Australian governments in their dealings with Chinese counterparts.

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