Mutuals Fintech Accelerator Program

Mutuals Fintech Accelerator Program

Unlocking the value of innovation by connecting Mutuals with fintech startups.

Unlocking the value of innovation by connecting Mutuals with fintech startups.

KPMG’s Mutuals Fintech Accelerator Program is a new type of corporate accelerator, connecting forward-thinking Mutual banks with some of Australia’s most exciting fintech startups.

Over the course of a 12-week program, seven Mutual banks will work closely with fintech startups to ideate new solutions, test assumptions, and co-create and prototype products and services.

Facilitated by KPMG, and featuring expert industry speakers and subject matter advisers, the program has been designed to unlock the value of fintech innovation for Mutuals, and to provide an accelerated go-to-market route for fintech startups.

The program is based on best practices from design thinking, startup methodologies and corporate innovation to help bring new ideas to market effectively and efficiently.


How does the program work?

  • The Mutual bank participants work with KPMG to define key innovation opportunities, and prioritise areas where they can work with fintech startups to explore new technologies and approaches
  • KPMG curates a cohort of fintech startups with relevant product, industry or technology expertise
  • The fintech startups and Mutuals collaborate through a 12 week immersive program, tailored to facilitate the acceleration of the development of new products or services
  • The program culminates with a potential strategic engagement option between the Mutuals and fintech startups.

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