KPMG's Chemicals & Performance Technologies group advises on critical business and industry issues impacting the domestic market.

Our Chemicals group advises on a range of critical industry and business issues.

Globalisation has become a potent force in the chemical industry, placing onerous new demands on industry players.

Mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and the erosion of trade barriers are driving globalisation and consolidation in the chemicals sector.

Government regulation, technological change, climate change and associated sustainability considerations are other factors propelling change in the industry.

KPMG's industry professionals help chemical companies respond to these changes and make the most of resulting business opportunities.

How we can help

KPMG's Chemicals & Performance Technologies practice works with many of the world’s leading chemical companies. Our Australian Chemicals group advises on a range of critical industry and business issues, impacting the domestic markets, including:

  • climate change, carbon trading and sustainability
  • research & development tax concessions and grants
  • enterprise risk management
  • portfolio restructuring
  • tax planning and compliance
  • transfer pricing
  • mergers, acquisitions and asset disposals
  • market entry and expansion
  • operational efficiency and cost optimisation
  • supply chain rationalisation and global sourcing
  • investigating fraud and other misconduct.

Our services can be tailored to the needs of individual clients in a flexible and cost-effective manner. KPMG Australia works closely with the industry representative body in understanding and responding to significant challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

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Gobal Chemicals Institute – ASPAC contacts

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