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Zara Kelso

Zara Kelso

Learn about Zara, her experiences on the job and career aspirations – providing insight into what life is like at KPMG.

Learn about Zara, her experiences and career goals. See what life is like at KPMG.

“I love that KPMG is helping me move in the right direction and giving me the steps to become a more confident person in both my personal life and in the workplace.”

"No one in my family had ever graduated from uni before. I did Commerce because it was a broad degree. I got a tip-toe into the consulting world and thought it would be fun to try out. And here I am."

"I ended up at KPMG because I really wanted an opportunity to work at a big well known firm."

"I think it’s a company that always requires you to be on your toes yet is very sociable."

"I love building relationships and getting to know people."

"I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable in my working environment."

"I’d love to move overseas somewhere, wherever it takes me."

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