Damian Mugridge

Damian Mugridge

Find out how Damian has embraced change and shifted from being an aviation engineer to professional services consultant at KPMG.

Find out how Damian has embraced changes from being an engineer to a consultant at KPMG.

Military and civilian aircraft engineer, commerce graduate, avid photographer

Internal Audit, Risk & Control Services Consultant

KPMG Perth 


Embracing change is all about not being afraid to stop and re-evaluate what you're doing and what you want to do. Damian, who grew up in Petersfield, a small historic market town in the south of England, always knew that you had to make your own opportunities.

As Damian said, "I grew up in a location that allowed me to travel to many locations within the UK, Europe and other parts of the world, I gained many experiences and met many great people, and that opened my eyes."

Before KPMG, Damian spent 13 years as an Aircraft Mechanical/Structural Airframe/Engine Engineer with 7 years with the British Ministry of Defence and the remaining 6 years in Australia with Civilian domestic airlines, helicopter companies and the RAAF.

But in the end, while it would have been easier to keep doing what he was doing, Damian wanted change. "In 2010 I joined Curtin University and studied Commerce full time while I continued working in the aviation industry full time in order to fulfil my desire to move in to the corporate side of business."

It was a big effort, but one that ultimately led Damian to move on from the role he'd already established. 

"I wanted to re-educate myself to move into a position where I could help companies manage risk and improve their processes."

Today, Damian works for the KPMG Internal Audit & Risk Control Services team, where he carries out internal audits of finance departments through to operational divisions. Every day, however, he goes beyond for his clients by ensuring that for each audit he considers "contract management, invoice verification, agreed upon procedures, Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance, Major Projects Advisory, health and safety and often assist Forensics, Business Performance Services and Financial Risk Management." 

It’s been a significant shift from aviation engineer to professional services consultant, but in the end, for Damian it's been a change worth doing.

And for KPMG, supporting Damian in his desire to change is constantly being rewarded through his project management and team leadership skills. But just as importantly, through the value he brings to his clients.

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