Brent Dancer

Brent Dancer

Brent started out with KPMG’s graduate program, and balances his busy career with a life-long passion of playing sport.

Brent started with KPMG’s graduate program & balances his career and passion for sport.

Member of the Australian Kookaburras with 50 caps, outdoor enthusiast

KPMG Enterprise Manager

KPMG Perth


Achieving success is all about giving your all. For Brent Dancer it’s this focus that has made the difference in both his professional and private life.

After attending The Curtin University of Technology in Perth he soon joined KPMG’s graduate program and has since spent his time balancing his career with a life-long passion of playing sport. “I’ve been a member of the Australian Men’s Hockey team the ‘Kookaburras’ since 2009 playing 50 caps for my country, and the national development squad for the 4 years before that.”

It’s a balance that has surprising similarities, especially when it comes to working with others to deliver results beyond expectation. As Brent says, “sport teaches you some very important lessons on dealing with people and group situations. It also teaches you a lot about dealing with differences of opinions and how to accept and listen to other people’s point of view, which may assist you in seeing a situation in a way you had never previously thought.”

As a Manager in Perth’s KPMG Enterprise division, where Brent provides tax and accounting advisory services for high wealth individuals through to the largest private companies, it’s these lessons that are helping on a day-to-day basis.

“I’m dealing a lot with Family Businesses around succession planning, wealth creation and exit strategies as well as other business advisory services.”

Being able to appreciate their varied points of view, generational needs and differing expectations is critical in helping ensure their businesses stay vital and competitive. Often this full understanding and drive to find the best solution comes through team input. As Brent continues, “there is also the motivation that comes from within the team to challenge each other to improve.”

At KPMG it’s this ability to go above and beyond combined with a collaborative and supportive environment that we not only encourage but expect.

“The feeling of success at the end after giving 110 percent is something that is hard to describe.”

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