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The immense impact of technology on work has seen humans and machines collaborate, manual tasks become automated, people freed to focus on innovation, and the development of a global talent marketplace. This presents vast challenges, in terms of roles and responsibilities, adaptability, employee engagement and connection. But also the opportunity to create the most relevant and optimal workforce to fulfil a strategy, and one that is prepared for the complexities of the future.

As part of our exploration into the changing nature of work, we look at how to create the most relevant workforce – by engaging robotics, re-shaping talent management, competing in the war for talent, and how data analytics can reveal the full potential of people.

People and robotics – the hybrid workforce

As humans and machines merge to create the workforces of the future, we explore the impact on organisational strategy, roles and responsibilities.

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Rethinking talent management

Bernard Salt and Lisa Barry discuss how to optimise talent in a mobile, digital world.

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HR for a new world

Why organisations need to have a ‘people first’ mindset to develop a relevant workforce.

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Data, unlocking ‘superhumans’

People have more ability than their roles allow them to show, but data can open the door.

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The changing nature of work

The dynamic future of work is here, so we look at how to rise to the immense challenges.

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Workforce productivity

Growing productivity amid change takes a focus on people, communication and culture.

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Rise of the humans

Exploring the integration of digital and human labor and the workforce shaping process.

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People & Change

Our team assist clients to navigate transformational change across all functions.

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