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The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt

Every organisation would value a crystal ball that looks into the future, predicting movements of people, economic trends, industry expectations and deep knowledge of how that information could translate into powerful business decisions. Of course there is no such device, but there is the insight of KPMG Partner Bernard Salt and his team of passionate demographic researchers.

In a Sky News program, The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt, he provides facts about the dynamic, complex and disruptive landscape ahead.

With expert guests, Salt explores and debates the big social and economic headwinds that will impact organisations. 

Every episode will be available here on the KPMG website.

Bernard Salt

Bernard provides market commentary and demographic insights on key business issues.

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Education for the future – will it pass the test?

Bernard Salt explores if Australia’s education system is delivering future skills.

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What's the future for Australian cities?

Bernard Salt looks at the future shape of Australian cities amid a population boom.

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Why capital investment and M&A are vital for economy

A look at why overseas investors are seeking Australian assets and the economic impact.

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Other episodes

Rise of Robojobs: The future world of work

Automation and robotics: Bernard Salt delves into what jobs will still exist in future.

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How to smash the affordable housing dilemma

Should millennials buy brunch or a house? Bernard Salt delves into housing affordability.

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We help organisations align products, services and workforces with demographic trends.

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