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When organisations undergo enormous change, productivity can fall victim to poor transformation strategies, lack of communication, employee disengagement and unclear values or purpose. However, to be a competitive, sustainable organisation, these traps must be avoided.

As part of our deep dive into the changing nature of work, we explore how productivity can be fueled not flattened amid immense disruption. Our experts examine how to avoid a 'valley of doom' due to employee disengagement, how to re-set what productivity looks like, and why fostering the right culture can make the difference.

Change management in a complex world

Why good communication and engagement through the change processes are essential to ensure productivity.

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The art of organisational transformation

Transformation requires tailored strategy, a people focus, collaboration and visibility.

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Managing a change portfolio

Multiple change projects can put pressure on productivity, so a holistic vision is key.

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Employee engagement and motivation in disruption

As workforces face continual transformation, organisations must put people first.

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Culture and productivity

People, diversity and innovation impact productivity, so company culture must be strong.

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Rethinking reward for employees of the future

As organisations transform, rewards must too, and financial incentives are just one part.

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Stefanie Bradley

Stefanie is expert in organisational transformation, change management and HR consulting.

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The changing nature of work

The dynamic future of work is here, so we look at how to rise to the immense challenges.

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