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Risk function of the future

Risk function of the future

KPMG unveils why the risk function must transform without delay, so it can powerfully navigate organisations through unprecedented change.

Why the risk function must transform to powerfully navigate unprecedented change.

The pressure is on. Risk must innovate its operations, challenge traditions, push boundaries and step into a leadership role in order to steer organisations through immense challenges in a technology powered world.

After years of boosting resources to meet continual regulatory changes, all eyes are now on Risk to add deeper value. It must help protect strategy and goals against a volatile economy, disruption, competition and globalisation – as well as mitigating the threat of poor culture, conduct and cyber risk.

Of course, compliance remains essential. But Risk must embrace the power of technology, rethink its approach to assessing culture, and up skill to position itself as a leader. It must add a strong competitive edge to its organisation.

In our new series of insights, we surge into all of these aspects, demonstrating how transformation will bring immense benefit to organisations. We know change won’t be easy, but to thrive in the future, it must start now.

Risk function of the future – urgent change starts now

Risk functions are facing unprecedented risks amid digitisation and disruption, so they must embrace technology and boost efficiency to leap ahead.

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Culture and conduct in a new world

Risk must innovate to manage culture and conduct risk across businesses and jurisdictions.

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Risk and technology

Technology brings power to risk functions, but also great challenges.

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Ian Shiels

Partner in Charge, Financial Risk Management

KPMG Australia


The risk change challenge

Transforming the risk function is vital as organisations prepare for a complex future.

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Risk leaders of the future

Risk leaders of the future must be ready to navigate organisations through complexities.

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Adding value – the next frontier for risk

After a focus on regulation, risk must now reposition itself to add a competitive edge.

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Risk Consulting

KPMG works with organisations to help them better understand their risk exposure.

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