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Population power: future demographics

Population power: future demographics

Bernard Salt on demographics and the potential opportunities for business as we surge toward change.

Bernard Salt on demographics and the potential opportunities for business.

Demographics of the future

In 2050, Australia will be home to around 38 million citizens. Mega cities with booming populations will prevail across the world. Asia will still be building and consuming, while the legacy of Baby Boomers and Gen Y will be set in stone.

In this series of short videos, Bernard Salt, Partner in Charge, Demographics, KPMG Australia, draws on demographics to paint the picture – while putting the onus on business and industry to seize the potential as we surge towards change.

While it is impossible to accurately predict the future, demographics serve to create a likely narrative, and indicate the major movements of people. Bernard Salt reveals that in 2050, huge urban populations are likely to dominate the Asia Pacific region. With this in mind, he delves into the following topics, exploring how each demonstrates potent opportunities for business:

Australian cities: What will they look like in 2050?

Bernard Salt on Australian cities in 2050 and the opportunities to build this vision.

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Gen Y: shaping the future of business

Bernard Salt talks Gen Y, their entrepreneurial drive and the potential for business.

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Baby Boomers: harnessing business opportunities

Bernard Salt on harnessing the Baby Boomers' passion for travel and consumerism.

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Mega cities: seizing the potential for business

Watch Bernard Salt reveal the mega cities of 2050 and the potential for business.

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Is Australia’s resources sector ready for Asia?

Bernard Salt asks if Australia’s resources sector is ready to support Asia’s urban boom.

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Meeting the demand of China’s urban population growth

Urban growth in China could be a chance for Australia to deliver more energy and goods.

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We help organisations align products, services and workforces with demographic trends.

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