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Leadership and Business skills

Leadership and Business skills

KPMG Business Academy courses on leadership and business skills

KPMG Business Academy courses on leadership and business skills

Leadership excellence program

This program is designed to create a learning environment for emerging leaders, allowing them to develop the skills and qualities needed to effectively perform their roles and excel in a global environment. The course helps participants develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership through engaging workshops, team activities, and innovative learning methods.

The program can be customized to the specific needs of multicultural organizations with varying areas of focus.

Duration: 12 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Managers and directors

Management skills

This course offers the opportunity to develop management skills for long term success. The course focuses on an extensive set of skills to help participants operate as effective managers, allowing them to understand their strengths and enhance their managerial competencies.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Managers and directors

Change management

Change has a significant impact on an organization and the people within it. This workshop gives professionals an understanding of the implications of change and helps develop the skills needed to act effectively when faced with a corporate change. By understanding the process of change, learning about leading practice and critical success factors, leaders will develop their ability to manage transformations in their organizations.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Managers and directors

Influencing and negotiation skills

Negotiation is an integral part of creating value for an organization. In this training, participants will gain insight into the habits of dealmakers as they build their skills through a series of group exercises. They will be shown how to use proven tactics, refine their personal negotiating style, and improve their ability to bargain successfully and ethically in any situation.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Managers and directors

Business skills foundation

This course aims to equip young graduates and new joiners with the business skills needed to compete. Participants will participate in a business scenario, allowing them to put their training into practice.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: New staff, front desk, business professionals of any organisation

Business communication for managers

This course is designed to help participants be more effective in both written and oral communications, conveying ideas in ways that drive relationships with leaders and team members and help achieve business success. Participants will formulate clear communication goals, structure information logically, adapt their approach for different business situations and audiences, and apply innovative communication techniques.

Duration: 1 day Language: English Targeted Audience: Business professionals at all levels

Professional presentations

Developing the confidence and ability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well is essential for business success. Course participants will learn how to control fear, make a good impact on their audience with their performance, and achieve their desired results. The techniques shared will help them build their presence as speakers and effectively deliver a message.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Team leaders and managers

Effective meetings

This training is designed to develop facilitation skills and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of meetings. Participants will understand the factors affecting meetings, and will learn to use facilitation skills for gaining participation, collaboration and attention. They will be clear on the benefits of planning, and learn to shape meetings to account for audience and agreed outcome, define roles and responsibilities when chairing, recording and facilitating a meeting.

Duration: 1 day Language: English Targeted Audience: Team leaders and managers

Your image – your brand

Participants will learn how to generate positive impressions for establishing and strengthening relationships with external and internal clients. The program is scientifically formulated to address the core facets of an individual’s personality, designed to enhance the productivity of the employees and enable them to come across as capable, confident, productive and successful individuals.

Duration: 2 days (tailorable) Language: English Targeted Audience: Business professionals at all levels

Train the trainer

In this intensive training, participants will increase their ability to run training sessions successfully by applying learning theory principles. Participants will gain a good understanding of the dynamics of learning and teaching, presenting information effectively, leading activities that reinforce learning, responding to participant questions, using tools and visuals and gaining an initial experience in training groups of people.

Duration: 2 days (tailorable) Language: English Targeted Audience: Professionals who need to transfer knowledge to team members or develop training skills

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