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Business Processes and IT

Business Processes and IT

KPMG Business Academy organizes professional events and seminars across the region.

KPMG Business Academy organizes professional events and seminars across the region.

Lean Six Sigma

About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma has today become one of the most prevalent methodologies to achieve higher levels of performance. An organization cannot grow without carrying the success baton of its robust processes – especially those meant to deliver the desired output repeatedly. The methodology is, in all, about reducing defect and enhancing process and performance excellence. It orients participants towards fact-based decision making, use data to draw business conclusions, analyze current trends and metrics for their practical use, conduct depth cause analysis and innovate for performance improvement. We enable the full cycle of making organizations six sigma ready - including planning, strategy for six sigma and analytics, program facilitation, review and evaluation of effectiveness.

Potential benefits of the course

The course helps participants:

— Develop capability for data driven problem solving (dispel perceptions)
— Drive Lean Six Sigma (LSS) concepts and mentor teams within the organization
— Participate in transformation programs as LSS coach/change agents
— Contribute to organizational growth plans by executing excellence projects
— Support leadership in setting short/long-term growth perspectives (KPI/ROI)
— Guide team members for relevant data collection, analysis and inference
— Build competency development and enhance career
— Enhance their project management techniques
— Achieve tangible/intangible benefits for the organization through operation excellence projects

Who should attend

The course is designed for meeting the requirements of:

— Change agents who take initiative for transformation programs in the organization
— Professionals involved in budgeting, strategizing, execution, validation for excellence programs
— Process owners who wish to gain excellence in their work area
— Lean Six Sigma professionals responsible for driving CXOs theme to execution
— Candidates aspiring for future leadership roles/leading positions in project management
— Professionals involved in process control/assurance, quality and improvement
— Individuals perusing diverse academic streams such as management, engineering, research, banking and finance and much more.

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