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Accounting, Finance and Financial Reporting

Accounting, Finance and Financial Reporting

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on accounting, finance and financial reporting

KPMG Business Academy offers courses on accounting, finance and financial reporting

IFRS and other financial reporting standards

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of standards designed as a common language of business so that financial statements of different companies are understandable and comparable across international boundaries. KPMG Business Academy’s presenter is our field expert and partner for IFRS reporting with extensive regional consulting and training experience.

  • IFRS - Foundation
Duration: 2-4 days (tailorable) Language: English/Arabic Targeted Audience: Managers requiring in-depth IFRS knowledge, accountants, finance professionals
  • IFRS – Advanced
Duration: 2-3 days (tailorable) Language: English/Arabic Targeted Audience: Experienced finance professionals, directors and managers

Islamic finance

This program develops an understanding of Shari’a principles and leading practice through a combination of theory and practice sessions, as applied to finance, and explores its various interpretations.

Duration: ½ day (tailorable) Language: English Targeted Audience: Bankers, finance professionals


This course’s major objective is to provide participants with an overview of financial statements prepared under US GAAP, using theory and practice sessions. Participants will understand key accounting areas, as well as benefits and challenges, supporting them in addressing key issues relevant to their organization.

Duration: 2 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Finance professionals, directors, managers


This course offers participants practical examples of accounting applications and relevant standards for different types of financial instruments. Participants will be introduced to different types of financial instruments and learn how to account for those under IFRS.

Duration: 2 days (tailorable) Language: English Targeted Audience: Finance professionals in banking, treasury, investment funds and accounting

Finance for non-finance professionals

This interactive course enhances professionals’ financial knowledge and understanding of essential principles and concepts. It will help them analyze the impact of decisions on company performance, enabling easier discussions with finance managers within their organization. Participants will enhance their roles as decision-makers and understand the implications of finance on corporate activities. They will also grasp the connections between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow, as well as recognizing common warning signs linked to financial trouble.

Duration: 2 days (tailorable) Language: English Targeted Audience: Management level, non-finance

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

This course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge for IPSAS, training participants on key IPSAS accounting areas, their benefits and challenges. A combination of theory and practice sessions will help participants identify the changes necessary during the adoption process.

Duration: 3 days Language: English Targeted Audience: Finance professionals, public sector accountants

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Financial modeling and valuation training

Participants will enhance and consolidate their Excel skills including the ability to build models appropriate to a number of situations which are transparent, error-free, flexible and robust. Participant will use Excel tools and functions that are often required when building models in a wide variety of financial modelling contexts.

Duration: 2 days  Language: English Targeted Audience: Finance, accounting staff, risk managers, portfolio managers

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