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2016 UAE HR Transformation Survey

2016 UAE HR Transformation Survey

Businesses today are battling an array of complex and often unprecedented challenges. Globally, cloud computing has unleashed new capabilities to respond.



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Globally, many organizations are turning to cloud computing to revolutionize the HR function with data-based decision-making, cost advantages and new value for the bottom line. Some, however, are discovering that HR transformation entails much more than simply plugging into the Cloud.

Now in its 19th year, KPMG's HR transformation survey (formerly known as the Towers Watson Service Delivery and Technology Survey) reveals that a growing number of organizations that have selected new HRMS technology are opting for cloud-based solutions. Firms meeting expectations are relying on a strategic approach to change management that generates a broader and deeper range of transformational benefits.

Following the release of the global survey, we analyzed responses from UAE organizations of varied sizes, industry sectors, geographic footprints and growth models.

In the UAE, organizations are focusing on initiatives to improve processes and people management capabilities. UAE organizations are looking to consolidate and grow their HR functions, emphasizing business process re-engineering.

Key HR initiatives in the region:

KPMG’s 2016 Global HR Transformation Survey shows that re-engineering key HR processes has been the most popular (46 percent) HR initiative undertaken over the last 18 months. Improving line managers’ people management capabilities was also common with 36 percent of respondents citing it as a major HR initiative. To implement any of the key HR technology solutions, it is vital to streamline business processes, indicated as a top priority for key initiatives in the UAE for the next year.

About this survey:

854 executives from 52 countries participated in KPMG’s 2016 HR transformation survey. There were 40 respondents from UAE organizations of varied sizes, industry sectors, geographic footprints and growth models.
In the UAE, approximately three-quarters of respondents were from organizations of less than 5000 people. 13.5 percent of the respondents were from large organization of more than 20,000 people.

Two-fifths of respondents were from organizations that operated largely in the Middle East and Africa. More than half of respondents were from organizations with footprints across Asia-Pacific, Europe or the Americas. A wide cross-section of industry sectors were surveyed, led by professional and business services (25 percent), industrial goods and services (15 percent), TMT (13 percent), energy and utilities (13 percent), and financial services (10 percent).

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