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KPMG UAE Food and Beverage Report: Hungry for More?

Hungry for more?

In 2015, KPMG released its inaugural UAE Food & Beverage Survey. Our 2016 report builds on last year's survey, canvassing the views of 840 respondents. We have also looked at the market from an operator's perspective, focusing on the current state of the market, including opportunities and challenges. To do this, we spoke to leading industry executives representing many of the major brands in the UAE’s food and beverage (F&B) sector.


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In this report:

  • Appetizers: Introduction to the 2016 UAE F&B report
  • Entrées: Current state of the UAE's F&B market- and how often consumers eat out, type of food and how much
  • Fusion: Examine customer preferences, including how and why we choose the cuisines and formats we frequent and how consumers react to market forces
  • Delicacies: We look at the importance of engaging effectively with consumers. We question how quality service, deals and promotions attract and retain consumers. We also investigate how social media and data and analytics are affecting the sector
  • Specialties: We explore how innovation is affecting the UAE's F&B market, paying particular attention to the growth and popularity of digital (including food apps), healthy eating and food festivals
  • Hot bites: We examine some of the challenges F&B operators may have underestimated, including the imminent introduction of VAT, the difficulties of predicting consumer behavior, and how to sustain top line growth
  • Desserts: We explain who we surveyed – both consumers and industry executives – and highlight the services KPMG provides to F&B clients

2015 food and beverage survey

2015 food and beverage survey

The F&B market in the UAE, like in many other markets worldwide, has demonstrated a considerable degree of resilience in the years ...

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