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UAE Perspective: Seeking Customer Centricity

UAE Perspective: Seeking Customer Centricity

This report is based on a survey of 400 senior consumer executives at global consumer and retail brands. Through the survey and select executive interviews, we are able to share the insights and leading strategies of some of the world’s most advanced omni businesses. We also surveyed 7,100 consumers in 19 countries – including the UAE – on their shopping behaviors and preferences, to see how aligned the executives’ strategies are with actual consumer sentiment. This year, building on last year’s successful UAE perspective, we have compared global findings with trends in the UAE.


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Key highlights from the UAE perspective:

  • 90 percent of UAE firms – compared to a global response of 77 percent - believed that they would be at an advanced level of digital maturity in marketing and promotion by 2018.
  • Over half of UAE companies – compared to 33 percent of global companies – see improving distribution speed and efficiency as a top supply chain priority over the next two years.
  • Over half of consumers surveyed said protecting customer data and ensuring secure transactions should be a focus to build consumer trust – but only a quarter of companies – both globally and in the UAE – thought that was a top five priority.
  • According to UAE consumer executives, the top five success factors in building an omni business are the right pricing strategy across channels, retention of customer spend as platforms evolve, appropriate technology, a culture that embraces innovation and collaboration and digital talent and technical knowledge.

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