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The value of reporting

The value of reporting

Governments and business leaders across the world must respond to global sustainability ‘megaforces’, including climate change, energy and fuel challenges, resource and water scarcity, population growth, uneven wealth distribution, urbanization, and food security. This is particularly important in a region which is, in many ways, resource challenged. The Middle East is one of the driest places on earth; temperatures soar in the summer months; populations are growing quickly, driven both by high national birth rates and large-scale immigration; ecosystems are fragile and increasingly under threat; and resources – from arable land to fish stocks – tend to be both scarce and over-extended. For all of these reasons, the UAE government has put sustainability at the center of the national agenda, with the UAE Vision 2021 making a sustainable environment and infrastructure one of the six national priorities defined under the four main pillars.


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