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Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance

KPMG helps clients navigate the increasingly complicated financial landscape towards a prosperous future.

KPMG helps clients navigate the increasingly complicated financial landscape

Islamic finance is one of financial services’ fastest developing sectors, growing at 10-12% annually in many Muslim countries. Islamic finance seeks to distinguish itself from conventional, interest-based finance by promoting ethical and socially-responsible investments and raising, using and lending capital in accordance with Shari’a, or Islamic law.

Islamic commercial jurisprudence prohibits:

  • Interest on loans or securities
  • Speculation
  • Uncertainty in certain contractual terms
  • Anti-social business activities

How KPMG can help

  • External and internal audit services in accordance with IFRS and AAOFI standards
  • Accounting conversions
  • Shari’a compliance tests
  • Training
  • Accounting advisory on shari’a products
  • Corporate finance and transaction advisory
  • Fraud control and contract review services
  • Implementation of IFSB guidelines


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