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Building, Construction and Real Estate

Building, Construction and Real Estate

KPMG can provide tailored services throughout any stage of your infrastructure assets or programmes life cycle

KPMG can provide tailored services throughout any stage of your infrastructure assets...

As the country moves towards a highly diversified economy that is increasingly less dependent on hydrocarbons, the role of the BCRE (building, construction and real estate) sector will become increasingly critical. BCRE is the largest contributor to the UAE’s GDP after oil. The UAE’s BCRE sector is a key driver of foreign and national investment, job creation, economic growth and national competitiveness.

How KPMG can help

At KPMG, we’re proud to be at the heart of this vibrant sector. Our experts work with policy makers, developers, contractors, investors, lenders and other stakeholders across the supply chain to help you drive businesses forward. By combining valuable global insight with hands-on local experience, we can help you address challenges at any stage of BCRE projects, whether a large infrastructure development that will shape the country for the long term or single asset projects designed to maximize shareholders returns. Our highly qualified consultants have been closely involved in most of the region’s largest transactions and continuously assist clients to achieve their business objectives.

Our client focus, our commitment to excellence and our global mind-set, combined with local expertise and consistent delivery, builds trusted relationships that are at the core of our business and reputation.

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